Gabriel Radic

Founders, developers and designers love working with me because I've been in their place and I speak their languages.

Hire me as a product lead, UX specialist or as program manager on complex projects for BI, CMS, AI/ML, social media, CRM, etc.


Some of the employers, clients and projects I contributed to. See more on LinkedIn →


Why work with me

  • VersatileI've designed, built and marketed over a hundred products in different industries
  • StrategistA holistic approach helps me consistently uncover optimal solutions
  • DependableI consistently deliver pragmatic and reliable solutions on time


Maybe not frequent, but relevant

When can you start?

→ For part-time projects, I'm available ASAP. Get in touch!
→ For full-time projects, let's talk in a couple of quarters.

What's your pricing?

→ Regular projects, only €1024 / day
→ Urgent interventions, only €256 / hour
Yes, I like round square numbers.

Can you deliver a full project, including code, design and more?

Yes, I can be the program manager for your product.
Note that I do not have a development or design team ready to start, but I will identify, hire and manage them.

Do you have a portfolio?

Not as such, but the projects I worked on are listed on my LinkedIn page.

Do you work on-site or remotely?

I can work either on-site or from my well-adapted home office.

Do you have WhatsApp? Can I call you?

We can have a more direct contact after you get in touch with this form.
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