Gabriel Radic

Product guy building elegant solutions for humans and bots. Family guy growing with the hipsters and workaholics of Berlin.

Founders, developers and designers love working with me because I've been in their place and I speak their languages.

Hire me as a product lead, UX specialist or as program manager on complex projects for BI, CMS, AI/ML, social media, CRM, etc.


Some of the employers, clients and projects I contributed to. See more on LinkedIn →


Yes, I do have more than one hat!

The main story line is great, but the side quests make it so much better.

Product LeadAs interim head of product, fractional CPO, or just product, I drive the product vision and strategy to reach and scale PMF. My expertise covers technical, functional and business areas, development workflow, design and data for B2C, B2B or enterprise platforms.
User Interface DesignerAlso know as UI/UX designer, usability expert, the Figma guy. I design apps mobile, web and desktop apps, from wireframe to interactive prototypes to hifi blueprints. Define style guides, component libraries and design systems.
Agile Project ManagerAs program manager, project lead or "The Wolf" from Pulp Fiction, I coordinate teams and timelines for a smooth delivery within scope and budget. Set up project management tools and processes for cross-team collaboration.

Training, Mentorship and Interim

You need a seasoned expert by your side to shape up your team or project.

Avoid over-priced services, over-engineered solutions and legacy traps. These are out there, they are popular and tempting.

My cross-functional expertise and hands-on approach will ensure you build on solid ground, with best practices and state of the art tools.

Fractional CPO

Get going fast, with all product skills covered.

Core team hires

Interview and test your key team members.

Product-market fit

Research and iterate to find the ideal customer profile.

Development workflow

There's so much more to it than a messy Jira project.

Knowledge management

Grow a culture of fluent, easy documentation.

Support case system

There are too many options, and only some are not bad.

Design systems

Figma components, connected to code, it's like magic.

Interactive prototype

Fully designed, as real as it gets before it's coded.

Wireframes and Diagrams

Designs for UX, UIs and process flows, in Miro or other.

Developer docs

Internal or public API docs are a deal maker or breaker.

Privacy protection policy

It's the right thing to do, and it's easier when done earlier.

Data and BI

Data storage, access, ETL, reporting and visualization.

Fair and Appropriate Questions

When can you start?

→ For part-time projects, I'm available ASAP
→ For full-time projects, maybe later
Get in touch!

What's your pricing?

My base rate is €96/hour, more or less depending on your project's urgency.

Can you also deliver code, design and more?

Yes, I work closely with coders, designers, marketers and other experts that I know personally.

Do you have a portfolio?

Not as such, but the projects I worked on are listed on my LinkedIn page.

Do you work on-site or remotely?

I can work either on-site or from my well-adapted home office in Berlin.

Can we use WhatsApp or another messenger?

Yes we can! Please get in touch with this contact form to get my number.
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